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Taking a job offer while waiting for another

Jobs News Reddit - Thu, 01/14/2021 - 14:10

So I'm in a position to swap jobs from let's say company A to company B but I'm waiting on a response from a company C which I really want. I want to leave company A regardless but idk how I feel about accepting a offer then being like nope to company B. Should I accept the offer of company B while I wait for company C to reply? Or ask them to give me time to think it over?

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Performing Poorly in Interview due to Nerves

Jobs News Reddit - Thu, 01/14/2021 - 14:05

Hello, everyone! I apologize in advance for any formatting errors, as I'm on mobile.

I'm nine months away from completing my bachelor's degree in accounting and have been applying for jobs since November. Until recently, I was only receiving generic rejection emails, no interviews. Last week, I finally received an email to schedule an interview. I was pretty intimidated, considering it was for a budget analyst position at my local university (not the one I attend).

I had the interview today over Zoom, and oh my God, HOW DO YOU GUYS DO THIS?! I joined the call and was immediately joined by 5 different interviewers. They jumped right in with questions that completely threw me off. I had mentally prepared my answers for behavioral questions, but by that point, I was so nervous that I forgot everything that I rehearsed. I ended up talking in circles and beating around the bush numerous times, especially when they asked about professional experience that I don't yet have. I answered questions hypothetically since I don't have the experience yet, and I can't tell if they appreciated that or not. I guess it was better than no answer at all. I found myself stammering very often and failing to use the correct words when needed. I would get halfway through a sentence before completely forgetting where I was going, and it was obvious. I used words such as "like", "you guys", and other unprofessional words too often. I can't help but already think about how much I bombed this interview and I keep thinking that they must have laughed about me after I disconnected from the call. I came off as so immature because of my nerves and I'm so mad at myself. The interview ended with one of them asking when I could start, if hired, and that they'd call me next week to follow up.

I know it's too early to say that I tanked the interview, but I got up from my computer feeling so disappointed in myself. They didn't get the right idea of me at all, simply because I completely shut down and went into auto-pilot, but not in the good way. I was answering questions before I could even fully register them or what I was saying. Thinking about going through another interview like this seems impossible. I don't know if I can do it. It was a great experience, but it honestly was far more anxiety inducing than I thought it'd be. Sometimes I wondered if they could hear my heart pounding through my headphones, that's how bad it was. How am I supposed to do this again? It was just over a video call, so I can't even imagine how much worse I'll do in person! I really want to begin my career and apply my knowledge, but I think my interview anxiety will end up holding me back. It's funny, because my dad is the head of the job service in my town. He gave me some helpful advice, helped me practice, and even then, I couldn't do it.

What are your best tips for managing nerves during a job interview? Also, can anyone provide me with some funny interview stories to cheer me up? Did anyone else perform poorly during an interview because of anxiety and still nail the job? Let me know!

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How to answer: "Where do you see yourself in five years?"

Jobs News Reddit - Thu, 01/14/2021 - 13:57

This plagues me in every job interview. I am a recent grad, and I have had 2 job interviews so far (1 rejection, and 1 kinda ghosting me right now) and tomorrow I have another interview with a new place. I am speaking with someone in HR it seems like. However, this question is so hard for me. I see myself in medical school. I am only trying to get a gap year job to boost my medical school resume and also to move to a big city and live my big city dreams of expensive rent in dangerous areas. I know I can't say I want to go to medical school, because then they know I am a slightly short term hire, who will not be there in 5 years, so what the f*ck do I say? Thanks in advance

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Technological complexity of companies

Jobs News Reddit - Thu, 01/14/2021 - 13:56

I wonder if any of you deal with a huge amount of different software systems at your workplace?

I just started a month ago ( I’m an accountant in tech) and I was thrown into probably 30 different systems. 6 for accounting, 5 which link to the main system, 3 email addresses, 3 systems for editing PDFs, sales system, 3 systems for keeping files, 3 for HR, etc etc.

I get them but I can’t keep up. Did I just lose touch working at companies that were technologically challenged, or is this the norm?? I’m only 30.

It’s like every day I need access and permission to yet another new software. It’s slowing my work

Have I lost touch with technology or does it just take time?

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Using an Ex as a reference

Jobs News Reddit - Thu, 01/14/2021 - 13:54

Hello. I'm in a bit of an awkward situation. My husband and I decided to split last month so I have moved back into my home state. I wanted to find a part time restaurant job, but I'm unsure how to list my experience now.

For the past seven years all my experience has been working for/with my ex-mother-in-law and my ex-husband at their restaurants. I still share the same last name with both of them. And I was of higher position than all the managers there, so I'm unsure if I can use them as a reference.

I'm also not sure how willing my ex mother in law would be to vouch for me.

What can I do?

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Can I get my unused vacation?

Jobs News Reddit - Thu, 01/14/2021 - 13:15

I’ll (25f) try to keep this short as I can while still giving enough context. I have been working at a small/family cpa firm (max five people ever) since December of 2018. I was looking to get out before this tax season for some time and finally just got an offer and accepted.

My boss is a sexist, racist, all around not that great of a person. I could go on for days at the amount of things I hear/witness at work that I shouldn’t. He is impossible to talk to without being interrupted, yelled over me in my recent annual review, i feel no obligation and he is not a reference I want.

I am a staff accountant, and have been also doing office manager responsibilities while we were understaffed for majority of my time here. I am currently training both our office manager we just hired (boss is a dick to bc he doesn’t like her bc he thinks she’s too old when she’s a few years younger than him) as well as another staff accountant. No one else has taken time to train our office manager. It will be a hit in me leaving but I have tried to address these things and not feeling valued and no changes. regardless I want away from this environment.

I have time to give two weeks notice. However I would like to have some time off between jobs, so I was thinking one week notice. With that, our employee handbook states “employees are encouraged to give at least 10 business days of written notice. Since a longer period is desired, the intention to resign should be made known as far in advance as possible. Employees who resign are entitled to receive accrued, unused vacation benefits”

Technically, with the new year, I start out with two weeks vacation time. There is nothing stating I would forfeit this by not giving ideal length of notice.

I’m wanting to give notice by tomorrow. Can’t predict how he will react but I want to be able to discuss the vacation time. Employed in Ohio and definitely seems I’m entitled to it even if I had quit on the spot.

Tl;dr : my boss is a piece of crap and I don’t care to give him two weeks. I want to give one week notice and inquire about being entitled to my unused vacation that reset with the new year. Any advice?

This is my first time quitting a job and I’m nervous but can’t wait for the relief that will follow. Any input is appreciated!!

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Contemplating leaving a job with no real backup plan yet

Jobs News Reddit - Thu, 01/14/2021 - 13:05

I presently work for a pet items company as a Fulfillment Specialist in one of their warehouses. I also have a master’s degree. It’s been about a year and my lord I just want to quit every second I’m there.

A Fulfillment Specialist basically means you do everything at the warehouse. Pick orders, set up carts, stage and ship boxes, etc etc. Picking orders is the easiest function at my job and it’s what most Team Members do. Our “managers” are by and far absolute jokes: most spend their times looking for the right meme to send in a group chat and dramatize or straight up fabricate safety incidents so they can write people up. One dude just picks orders.... honestly how these people got the role and stay in it is bewildering since we’ll fire team members for being a minute late once.

There are a few managers that are competent, but these folks are solely concerned with chasing OTS (on time shipment) and claiming employees’ labor for themselves. Hell, for the handful of employees that actually work hard, management created a special role for us to sign in to so that we don’t count on the headcount and thus it looks like they are achieving greater results with fewer team members. When they do bring in team members to take what would have been our spot in the headcount, instead of assigning them to help us out, they get put to work on a doomed project (from inception) that Leadership refuses to abandon since they dropped a few million on it.

Somehow I have ended up being the most useful idiot in the warehouse. I work in the three most critical roles, among others, every day, all at once. I often have to train others in these roles while I’m working the other one(s). When I try to pick orders, the managers literally hunt me down and I am then forced to work in one-three of these roles. If I refuse, I get written up. In recent weeks I’ve become so critical to the operation that I’ve been denied “voluntary time off” when it’s being offered to everyone supposedly as first come first serve because “I’m too important.” I’m not paid like I’m so important. I’ve talked to HR about it and they told me to tell my direct manager... who happens to be the manager who sends people to hunt me down. In a debate I had with the General Manager and other leadership members, they told me that they can’t find other people to be dedicated to the functions I do since the 150 or so order pickers get an average of 70% of shipping volume... while I often solely push out around 70% of shipping volume. If I alone do work equal to that of 150 people, I think they can throw some pennies my way.

I’m tired of this horribly skewed shared labor nonsense. I’m tired of being paid the same as people who cannot grasp the concept of “shapes” or “ripped bags of food are bad” or “I can’t wait in this line for 30 seconds because I need to go wait in this other line for 10 minutes”. I’m tired of having to do (several) managers’ jobs for them since they are afraid of talking to Team Members or are just woefully incompetent. Other employees recognize how hard I work and I’m unironically called “The Hero” since I tend to make things run smoothly when I’m eventually dragged in, and everything goes to hell when I’m gone. There are occasional petitions written on the board to give me a raise or promote me but Leadership erases these comments. There’s absolutely no advancement in this company, and I’m so tired of feeling so goddam stupid and angry and tired because of Pet Food Company.

I really want to quit, but the only other opportunity that has presented itself is a PhD thing whose deadline to accept is approaching AND is a few months out anyway, in which case, I’d need to work for as long as possible to make as much reserve money as possible.

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Feel like giving up after trying so hard

Jobs News Reddit - Thu, 01/14/2021 - 12:57

I'm a May 2020 graduate from an elite school with a Bachelor's in Economics. I thought I did everything right - I worked hard in high school to get to this school that I thought would help me land a decent job. Yet here I am, almost 7 months after graduation, without a full-time job offer.

I was once again told today after an interview that I didn't move on to the next phase and I feel like giving up. I have tried everything - taking up freelance projects and internships, networking, reaching out to career services, and applying on multiple different job sites. Yet here I am, in the same conundrum. And it doesn't help that I have to live in a rather toxic household, which further worsens my mental health.

I'm not sure on here partially to get these feelings off my chest. I'm sure many of you are struggling with the same issue I am... Hundreds of applications with no answer.

I'm also on here for some potential hope. Does anyone have any leads with entry-level marketing/research/writing jobs? Any general advice for me? If you help me, I can try to help you. I can look over a resume or (to the best of my abilities), help you with interview prep, etc. Like the phrase you scratch my back and I scratch yours.

Thanks for reading, y'all.

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How do I make a resume/what do I put on it? / First job advice?

Jobs News Reddit - Thu, 01/14/2021 - 12:09

I haven't yet had a job and I plan to search/apply to my first job this spring.

I have no idea what to put on a resume so id really appreciate advice on it.

I'd also really appreciate general advice for someone seeking their first job.

I'm F17 (wi be 18 when I apply) and I have anxiety which just makes this harder.

I have very little knowledge on anything involving jobs so if anyone could explain how other things work (pay, hours, sick days, holidays, etc) it would be kindly appreciated.

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What job do I have? Need assistance to research for a salary increase or look for a new job.

Jobs News Reddit - Thu, 01/14/2021 - 12:06

I struggle with finding out what an appropriate salary would be for my position because I have a job title unique to my company. Can I describe my tasks and someone tell me how this might translate to a broader job title to help me research?

My company installs and services retail displays across the country. My job is to collect all the information for every display type in multiple retailers (about 15 different displays), how they should function and what parts they are made up of. I oversee the shipping of new parts. I work to ensure that reps are assigned and scheduled to complete the work. I write a survey to collect the data that we need to receive back, using my knowledge of how the display is supposed to work. Sometimes I write instructions for the fixes myself, sometimes they come from another company.

When the visits happen, I review the data and photos to see if they did the job correctly. I have to follow up on any functionality issues or broken parts, identify what they are, and place orders for them (then track, make sure they arrive, re-deploy the rep to fix, check that they did it correctly, etc.)

Most recently, I've been given assistants to delegate some of my tasks to and I'm focusing more on creating reports on how we're tracking, which stores are still outstanding, what the issues have been, spot trends, work with the client on finding fixes or implementing suggestions to avoid future issues, and helping to design the next versions of displays to avoid the pitfalls we're seeing now.

Someone said this sounded like a Project Manager, but I have no degree or formal education in it, so I don't know how well my skillset would translate to another company.

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Jobs News Reddit - Thu, 01/14/2021 - 11:55

How do show how passionate I am to an interviewer? How do I let my interviewer know that I’m willing to relocate at my own expense for the job? Some interviewers will tell you only local candidates will be considered, so how do I go about this?

How do I negotiate for salary? The salary was not listed in the job description and I don’t want to be paid peanuts.

My Professor have yet to put in my grade because of an issue I had with the final project. I’m almost done with the project. Do you think this will affect my chance of getting the job? What should say if my interviewer asks about it? Do you think every company does degree checks? I’m worried because my grade shows incomplete because I’m still finishing up the project.

I want this job!

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Frustrated by Lack of Training Resources

Jobs News Reddit - Thu, 01/14/2021 - 11:48

I am in the 2nd week of my job and I'm started to get quite stressed and frustrated. I am a Financial Analyst working on massive spreadsheets with tons of data. My "training" consists of my boss showing me how to update the spreadsheets. These usually last 2-3 hours at a time.

My issue is that it is literally impossible to retain all of that information. You basically need photographic memory to remember it all. There is no resource or reference for me to review on how it was done. I've been feeling like I'm in over my head with this one. Anyone else have this issue? If so, how did you overcome it?

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I’m only getting one schedule for this jobs?

Jobs News Reddit - Thu, 01/14/2021 - 11:07

I’m only getting one schedule for this jobs? Since I reapplied in this store and I have been getting one schedule per weeks for a measly 5 hours shift part time job This been going on for about two weeks now

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Is it normal to have nothing to do at work sometimes?

Jobs News Reddit - Thu, 01/14/2021 - 11:04

Obligatory "sorry for any mistakes, English is not my first language and I'm bat at it" disclaimer.

I'm 20 years old and work as a Trainee for a big company that provides consulting/audit services (sorry if that's too vague, I don't want to expose myself too much). I got hired ~4mo ago and this is my first job ever!!

The way we work, my Manager usually hands me tasks to complete throughout the day, and we (the team) have an early morning and an evening meeting to show him our results and get more tasks assigned to us for the day/the next day. It's called Agile method, I think? Home office, btw.

The thing is: sometimes, I'm handed a really easy task, that I complete in no time and then I have nothing else to do during the rest of my 8 hour shift. I usually tell my Manager that I'm done, but sometimes he's so busy there's a huge delay in response, and sometimes he doesn't even have work for me and I have to sit through an hour-long meeting with him while he finds something for me to do.

It doesn't happen frequently, but it does happen, and when I'm idle like that I get kind of nervous/anxious. Is this normal? Should I be worried? Am I doing something wrong? Any tips/advice would be appreciated!!

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Company announced a return to office

Jobs News Reddit - Thu, 01/14/2021 - 10:59

Nooooo. Does anybody really prefer office over remote? Why???

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Unemployed for 9 months - lost

Jobs News Reddit - Thu, 01/14/2021 - 10:59

I've (23 f) been unemployed since the beginning of April when corona hit. I graduated college last year with a bachelor's in psychology and started my first job in the field at the end of February. Barely worked there a month before my job shutdown completely. They decided to close that office entirely to cut down on the loss they'd take by not offering services. For a while I didnt look for a job because I didnt have reliable transportation and I wasnt sure what was going on with corona. Fast forward to August, still jobless I bought a different car and began seriously applying to more jobs. After hearing nothing or getting turned down for months, I took a friend's advice and started a certification program to become a registered behavior technician. I've been working on that since late November but I'm losing steam. It's really not what I want to do or with the population I'd like to work with. Now I'm second guessing what it is I want to do and feeling very discouraged with where to turn next. At this point I just want to be back at work and earning money so I can move on with my life. I dont have many friends so I feel like I have no one to turn to for advice or even a shoulder to complain on... I feel extremely disheartened with life and I feel like I'm gonna have to return to the service industry and stay there for the rest of my life (which is fine but I thought college would change that for me). Any advice or kind words are greatly appreciated <3

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If you’re sending your resume to a recruitment email address, do you need to make it ATS-friendly?

Jobs News Reddit - Thu, 01/14/2021 - 10:31

Not sure if the resumes automatically get entered into the ATS if I send it to the email address. If it’s actually opened by a human, I’d rather just make sure I have a good resume, instead of one full of all the stupid key words.

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For people who don't have dream jobs and just never saw themselves working full time, what career path did you take? How's it been going?

Jobs News Reddit - Thu, 01/14/2021 - 10:24

i've been working in a corporate IT-related job for an insurance company for almost a year now, straight out of college. i knew at first that i'd gain some experience and move on after about a year, and i have been applying other places, but i really just don't know where exactly to go from here. i thought i'd have a better idea of what career path i wanna take after being full time for a year, but i've only realized one central thing - that i just don't have a dream career.

i just don't dream of labor, so it's hard for me to learn what i wanna do when i'm forced to career plan as a means of survival instead of willfully finding a job i'm passionate about. honestly, if not making enough money wasn't an issue, i'd be happy to just travel around volunteering or being an au pair abroad or working at a cafe in some very cheap but beautiful city, like in eastern europe or something lol. i feel like i sound naive, but it's hard to find a "real" career path when my dreams are more...dreamy, i guess. my emotional and mental health has been on the decline with working in a job i hate (i'm sure the pandemic isn't helping either of course), so i just can't see myself ever being happy working 40 hours a week in this corporate environment, in a conventional career path.

so, does anyone have any advice on where to go from here? maybe some industries that are bearable for those who feel burdened by work expectations, some less conventional paths to take, some ways to survive but not work so much?

thanks :)

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Running out of ways to justify being unemployed for so long

Jobs News Reddit - Thu, 01/14/2021 - 10:04

Today, I received yet another email saying I didn’t get chosen for an intern position at a company I really liked. I finished uni and started job hunting a year ago. So far, I’ve only gotten rejections or no answer at all. I’ve gone through this so many times that I don’t even know how to comfort myself and justify this. I get that it’s hard to get a job during this pandemic, especially an entry job, but I’m starting to wonder what the hell is wrong with me. It’s as if I’m cursed.

Sorry for this rant and being so negative. I needed to vent to someone since I don’t have anyone else to talk to. My parents are pressuring me and only adding more stress

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I don’t do anything at my job. WTF.

Jobs News Reddit - Thu, 01/14/2021 - 08:25


I am an entry level engineer $50,000 a year. Getting a raise soon and have been getting bonuses.

I have been at this job for a little over a year and have worked 20 hours ( like actual work). The rest of the time, I’m doing nothing. LITERALLY.

My boss just sends me the “hours” I worked and that’s it. He hired me and during the interview he literally told me “this is your office” when we passed by a room. The job was handed to me on a silver platter.

I just came back from “working from home” to see my dad in nyc. When I came back I asked if there is any work to be between the lines he was saying no.

I try. I try to ask for work but at some point......I feel like it is what it is. I attend the meetings. Other people are also a little bored too. I can tell when I pass by their offices. Even my boss is on the phone some days doing nothing.

Idk what to do. I’m scared they’re just gonna be like “you’re fired for not doing any work”

Idk what’s going on. Idk if they need an engineer on their team to make them look better? I have no clue. What can I do? The company is doing fine. It’s making good money. I remember in October they said it was the best month they’ve had in a long time and I’m thinking to myself

“WTF U TALKIN BOUT?!?!!!!!!!!??! Where was all this work”

******id like to add there there are some employees who are suppppperrrr busy. There’s only 12 of us in the office and maybe 4 of them are busy all the time. I’m def the only one that doesn’t get any work.

****** I have a GREAT relationship with my boss. I see him outside of work once a week at a bar where my partner works. He is part of my friend group. He’s very friendly and is buddy buddy with everyone in the office.

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