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5 months from moving, now unemployed for 2 years. What can I do?

Jobs News Reddit - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 16:04

This is tough to write.

TL;DR: I've been out of work for almost 2 years despite looking and having a technical degree and experience, and am moving to Germany in 5 months. Do I keep trying to find a job or do I give up?

I was laid off from a position as a petroleum engineer in the summer of 2019 after working in the position for about 7 years straight out of college. I had already been planning a departure from the industry to go back to school in Germany where I could get a free masters degree and possibly go on to get a PhD. After getting laid off, I took the summer of 2019 to get a couple needed classes required in order to apply for my program; in the fall I got married and began looking for a job just to work in the mean time. In January of 2020 I registered for several more classes required to get into my program and continued to look for a job. I left for a vacation with my in-laws in March and came back to the pandemic job market and have been looking ever since. I applied to the masters program I was interested in and was accepted, but I would have been starting in October of 2020. I chose to defer a year given the pandemic and to get my affairs in order, thinking that I would be able to find a job.

I have applied for countless jobs and have only had 5 interviews, all of which were networked into. The job that I was most qualified for that I interviewed for, I graduated the same class as the hiring manager and worked with him on our senior capstone project together. He called me personally to inform me that they had gone with someone who had 15 years of experience.

Now, I've run out of unemployment benefits (I don't qualify for pandemic extended unemployment) and I only have about 5 months before I'm going to be out of the country and in Germany (my plane ticket is for late September). I'm not quite sure what to do. Do I keep trying to find a job that I'm qualified for, or just go get a low level retail job until I leave? I was very unhappy at my last job and part of the reason I didn't leave earlier is that I worried about my viability in the workforce outside my field, and that I would end up working at Home Depot (or insert some other retail job don't need a petroleum engineering degree or technical skills to do)..... Now here I am 2 years later in the exact spot I didn't want to be in. Not being able to get a job for almost 2 years has made me feel worthless, and taking a job that I can't use my brain or degree with will do something similar. I've had severe suicidal thoughts already, to the point that I've had the guns in my house removed and stored at my brother's house.

I don't really know what to do. Even if I got a job tomorrow I would only be there for 5 months. Is that really fair to the people I'm networking with? And the likelihood of me finding a job is pretty slim.

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Rejection from dream job

Jobs News Reddit - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 15:53

After submitting hundreds of applications and having a few interviews in between, I finally got a call back about my dream job. I was sailing through the interview process. This week I had my final panel interviews. 5 interviews later and I’m feeling fantastic. Got the call and was told not only that I didn’t get the job, but they ended up offering it to someone internally. I feel so hopeless and have no idea what to do next. I feel like I wasted so much time researching and prepping for interviews just for them to hire someone who already works there. Honestly, I just needed to vent. I guess my next step is to just start over and start applying for other jobs.

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Am I being paid too little for the work I do at my bank?

Jobs News Reddit - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 15:51

Hi there. I work as a bank teller. I work full time. I currently am paid $11.50 an hour. I do all the normal teller duties like keeping the drawers and vaults balanced, deposits, customer service, answering the phone, blah blah blah. All the normal stuff. The real kicker is that recently, due to the pandemic, the loan department at my bank has been needing more help because of the PPP small business loans. So I have been working as a loan processor, checking loan customer info on our system, building and maintaining spreadsheets for the loan department, building customer files, checking their required business documents, etc. I feel so taken advantage of. I continue to help without saying anything because I feel bad that my coworkers (Loan officer and Loan administrator) have so much work to do. But the thing is, I AM A TELLER. I am getting paid (very little) to do teller work. I have been doing loan processing work for over a year now with only a $0.50 raise. Its almost offensive. I feel taken advantage of by the bank and get no recognition or thanks for what I do. What do yall think? Am I doing too much for what I am being paid? Because maybe Im wrong, so I need outside opinions before I say anything.

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Sending an email to correct a bad interview question response? I had a good interview today but on an important question regarding a skill I am very good at, I froze. I couldn't put into words my process for something fairly basic. Would you recommend...

Jobs News Reddit - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 15:40

The question was about a skill I am without a doubt great at. I just couldn't explain why or how at the time. I normally would say to just let it go and move on, but this should have been something I really shine at and they should know that. We also had a very good rapport. Thoughts?

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Any advice for new immigrant who looking for a job?

Jobs News Reddit - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 15:40

Hi guys. I moved to a brand new country a year ago coz I married a foreigner, I had to give up everything (career, family, friends) and move in with him. A month ago I finally legitimate to look for jobs and found out my past working experience and education background means nothing to the recruiters here. Joining work force again after a year unemployed time period; fresh off the boat.. I simply feel like I got all the disadvantage. I had a really well paid and "decent" job in my home country. I really don't want to settle down to a random job I don't even like. Feeling really lost and discouraged right now. Any job searching suggestions/advices folks?

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Master's in TESOL

Career Feed Reddit - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 15:15

Can I get a my Master's in TESOL with a bachelor's in English? Just wondering if that was a thing

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Do jobs with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania require an OF 306 or equivalent?

Jobs News Reddit - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 15:00

I'm wondering if questions related to past firings are asked for jobs with the state of PA, similar to the suitability determination for federal gigs via the OF 306.

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Today I landed my first remote full time job at age 36. I’m ecstatic and nervous. Any advice

Jobs News Reddit - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 14:51

Hey all. For context I’m a 36 year old guy who lives with his girlfriend. I have been working at a bike shop for the past 5 years as a partially remote worker. I do their digital marketing and I produce content for their social media. I also work on the owners e-commerce store which is a 2 in 1 deal for him.

Anyway, I have been looking to go fully remote and get a fully remote job doing PPC and SEM. A bit of digital marketing.

I was in a tough spot working at my job currently with my supervisor who never commented with me. Underpaid me, no solid benefits or perks like paid time off or anything. All my vacations if I went anywhere had to be paid by me out of pocket or sometimes my girlfriend would fund it and I pay her back.

I needed a shift in my life and career. So I applied and applied and failed and finally found a company that seems cool. Digital marketing agency working with clients I can get behind. My role is fully remote so I’m interested to see how that fords me the opportunity to travel more and/ or cut down on commuting cost and give me room to work on my side business as well.

I’m having the mental talk right now that it’s going to suck to have to leave my current job even though I know it was a dead end. Some of the people there were cool.

On the flip side I am also now wondering if I even am making the right decision to do this leap into this new career. I think about my side business (personal training) and how I can continue to grow that on the side while still working this remote job. I’m overwhelmed.

Anyone else ever go through a leap like this?

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Rant - Weird phone interview

Jobs News Reddit - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 14:18

I just had a phone interview for a position I applied for clinical trials coordinator.

First of all I expected the phone interview to be scheduled with the hiring manager who contacted me, instead I spoke with the senior director of the department I applied for.

So the interview started and I was expecting her to ask me questions about my resume/experience etc but she literally introduced herself and then asked “do you have any questions for me”. I was really thrown off by it - is this normal?

I ended up asking her about the position and questions I prepared that I assumed I would be asking towards the end of the interview.

But she kind of just rambled on about the position in a really long-winded technical way and I got lost lol. Like all her responses to my questions were 5+ minutes of rambling. She also sounded very disorganized and unenthusiastic in general which was worrying.

And then I eventually asked her myself if she had any questions for me or wanted anything on my resume to be clarified/expanded on and she said “oh, right.”. If I hadn’t brought it up I feel like she wouldn’t have asked about my skills or anything.

Anyway I got invited for a video interview with their team members and I guess I’ll go for it but this phone interview just left a weird feeling.

Rant over.

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Avoiding the resume black-hole and finding work without a Career Fair [USA]

Jobs News Reddit - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 13:55

Hi all,

I'm graduating with my B.S. in Applied Physics this week and it's been such a rewarding journey for the last five years. However, I'm really struggling to find work right now, in large part due to my university cancelling career fairs and other job-search related programs due to the lockdowns. My job search efforts have been completely fruitless over the last few months and it's getting difficult to keep up good spirits.

To give you a little background, my research and coursework over the last five years has been heavily focused on developing machine-learning techniques that will help us predict the properties of engineering materials faster. The internships I've worked have been focused on writing scalable software for scientific applications.

How am I supposed to find work right now? Despite five years of Python and machine learning experience, it appears that I'm not competitive enough for most software jobs, and it's exactly the same situation for engineering-like positions. I just have no idea where to look for work, or where a computational physics focused undergraduate can find his niche. My wife is still in school (graduating in December) so we're in a bit of an awkward situation as far as relocation goes, but we're okay with going long distance for a few months if that's what's necessary.

I know that networking is the "end all be all" for finding work, but with everything being done remotely I'm finding it really difficult to make networking work for me. It could be that I'm just not very good at it, but it hasn't been any more productive than just blasting my resume out to every job posting out there.

I'd love any advice you could give me in figuring out how to prioritize my time and energy so that I can be more successful in my job search. Thanks in advance.

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No job lined up after graduation

Jobs News Reddit - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 13:21

Currently a senior undergradand have been interviewing for companies since January, getting to final rounds and then getting rejected in favor of other candidates. Only have a 3.0 GPA with an IT major and Business Administration minor, and I've worked mainly IT Help desk jobs but lots of classwork experience in data analytics (R, Tableau, little bit of SQL, Excel, etc.), HCI (user research and design principles) , and business administration classes and leadership experience through student orgs, and I am really trying to find a business analyst/product management role.

Don't really know what to do right now, I want to gain more experience in the product management field so that I have an edge up on other candidates, because from all the feedback I have been getting from recruiters it seems that I am a good fit for roles, but there are just better people with more experience and no one is willing to take a chance on my skills. I try to focus on being proactive and talk about my organization skills and leadership skills through normal behavioral interviews and they like that, and I have really great positive conversations and ask a lot of questions which my interviewers seem interested in answering, which leads me to feel like I did good during the interview. Then weeks later I get a rejection. I've finished all of my interviews so far and I haven't had any luck in getting any more interviews, the last one I had was about 3 weeks ago.

I'm thinking maybe I should stop interviewing for now and take the summer to gain some certifications, and start again during Fall recruiting season. Currently looking at AWS Solutions because it interests me, but I really am a bit lost as to how I can find a way to actually get my foot in the door. I'm currently employed part time at my school which I can work until August, and the company I worked as an IT intern last summer has a huge hiring freeze right now so they won't let me back, although I'm trying to move away from the typical IT role. What would be the best course of action?

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Manager said I'm overqualified and I agreed...

Jobs News Reddit - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 13:17

I have a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering and have been job hunting for over a year now, but a recruiter reached out to me with a data entry position that was remote and pay was solid (20-23/hr).

After having my interview with the recruiter, I then spoke with the Engineering Manager who was clear from the start that he thought I was overqualified and that I would get bored. He said he could still continue with the process if I want but that he thinks I could do better and should pursue engineering career. I don't know what I was smoking back then because I basically agreed and thanked him for his honesty and time.

It was after that phone call that I realized I had just fucked up and rejected myself from a job that could have paid me easy money to sit at home...

How do I recover from a dumb decision like this lol I'm stupid

TLDR: Rejected myself from a job like a dumbass

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Is this a fake job? Data entry job was posted on college's employment site.

Jobs News Reddit - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 12:35

I looked through some of the other fake job posts:

- The email matches the email stated in the signature and on the job posting

- The job was posted on my school website

Curious because:

- The turnaround time was so fast. I applied yesterday, got an email today, filled out some questionnaire thing (they said I had to do it within 90 mins), and got the job. They said they're emailing me the offer letter tomorrow.

- They are paying for my training via Skype (and they said 50/hr that can't be normal right?!)

- They are paying me to buy the equipment I'll need from approved vendors (??? seems fishy but then via Skype they're apparently going to train me on it)

- Pay seems normal they said 600/week (but did not list hours worked anywhere)

Everything is completely remote. I know the company exists because I Googled it, but it's an app and I couldn't find a lot about it. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to name/share the job posting.

I'm so suspicious yet hoping it's real?!

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In Your Opinion, What Are The Biggest Challenges to Find a Job?

Jobs News Reddit - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 12:21

Hi Everyone,

I am a soon to be graduate and want to make sure I go into my first job hunt with an idea of the biggest hurdles I will face in order to overcome them.

I would love to know what you think are the biggest challenges currently for job hunters! :)

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Finally offered a job after 2-year gap - what worked for me

Jobs News Reddit - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 12:09

Hey all!

First off I wanted to say thank you to everyone in this sub, during my almost 2 year search for a new job I found a lot of the resources and posts from this sub to be invaluable. I figured I'd share some of my experience to give back - particularly what I did regarding a gap on my resume. This is just what worked for me and hopefully it can even help out one person.

All in all I think I applied to around ~200 positions. I had interviews with around ~20, final rounds with about ~5 and ultimately just accepted 1.

I didn't have much to show for the gap years, I spent the year pre-covid travelling and backpacking mostly. Making money off of side gigs and online businesses that I probably wouldn't put on a resume. I had a very solid background prior to my gap and had the necessary experience for the jobs I was applying for. Ultimately I decided I'd just explain the gap away by saying I did "independent consulting" during that time. I got asked about it maybe a handful times in all the interviews I did and emphasized the experience prior to my gap year on my resume and my interview answers. I would highly recommend this strategy for others looking to do the same.

Another tip I learned from this sub that I'd echo is find a reference when applying to jobs. If this means cold emailing folks or messaging on Linkedin, do it! There's no cost to trying. The job that I ended up accepting actually ended up rejecting me at first! Luckily I had cold emailed someone who worked there prior and he ended up submitting the exact same resume and cover letter I had submitted before through the referral portal and here we are. The job market is terribly inefficient, so cold applying just doesn't work. I'd highly recommend getting Linkedin Premium as well as you're able to message people outside of your network and this led to many interview opportunities I don't think I would have had otherwise.

Besides that another tip I'd recommend is taking any and all interviews you can - even if you don't want the position. Getting experience recrafting my interview answers early on helped me have my thoughts and answers rock solid by the time I got to companies I actually cared about.

Lastly, having a folder on your desktop to track and hold individual resumes was invaluable for me as well. I had sort of a "master" resume that would be my baseline, and then any new position or company I would copy that into a folder for the position and edit it based on the job description. After a while I had a ton of different resumes for different types of positions and roles that I could go back and pull on quickly for new similar roles.

Anyways hope this helps! If anyone has any questions I'd be glad to answer as much as possible in the comments.

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Not hearing back after interview. Most likely rejection or should I wait?

Jobs News Reddit - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 11:49

I had a phone interview last week. They said I would hear back this week (probably on Monday). Didn't hear back so I emailed yesterday. Nothing. So I guess I got rejected?

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Not sure when to follow up after writing assessment?

Jobs News Reddit - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 11:48

I recently had a first round interview for my dream job with a very small firm and was invited to complete a writing assessment afterwards. I submitted the writing assignment at the beginning of last Thursday (4/8) and still have not heard back. They didn't give a timeline for a next step, they just responded by saying that they'd follow up shortly. The silence isn't entirely unusual for them - for the first interview, they asked for my availability and then didn't respond for four days until I followed up.

To make it slightly more complicated, they posted the job I applied for on a job board two days after I submitted the writing assessment. According to the board's posting schedule, they would have had to submit the job posting either late in the day I submitted the assessment or the day after. Originally, I applied to a job posting on their website that had not been posted anywhere else, so I don't think I had much competition until they posted it elsewhere and they might be busy working with other candidates now? I'm not sure.

When should I follow up with them?

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Bad Start Date in Offer

Jobs News Reddit - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 11:11

Hi r/jobs,

After a long process of applying to well over 50 positions I received a job offer for a very well paid position at Amazon. I am very excited about the position and the location of the job is amazing! I will graduate from college on May 7th, 2021 and made that very clear throughout the application and interview process, however, the proposed start date they sent me in the offer letter was April 26, 2021.

I have reached out to the client lead recruiter who issued the offer to me a number of times expressing my concern and willingness to negotiate over this issue, however, they have given me no further information. The job offer expires this Sunday, April 18th. I attempted to contact the hiring manager earlier this week to work out this issue but keep getting directed back to the client lead recruiter, whom I can hardly get an email response from. I brought this issue up the day the offer came in and had to elevate the issue to a higher support team to even get an email back from the client lead recruiter. I have not yet signed the offer due to my concern over the completely unrealistic start date.

So, r/jobs, what do I do here? Do I wait for a response from the recruiter that doesn't reply and let the offer expire, leaving me potentially without an offer? Do I sign the offer and negotiate over the start date after the fact?

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Flakey interviewer, should I trust the job?

Jobs News Reddit - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 10:51

So I applied for an interview and got invited to do an intro call. I replied to the interviewers email and said I was interested and available for one of the times she listed. The interview/phone call day rolls around and she didn't call me. I sent her an email that I wasn't contacted and she replied 24 hours later saying there was a miscommunication and that she sent me a zoom invite. She didn't. She offered to talk with me on Monday but I'm thinking it might be a bad idea.

What do you think? I was really excited about this position before, it seemed like a great opportunity.

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Finally got a job offer in the field I graduated college for but it pays less than the money I make waiting tables, should I take it?

Jobs News Reddit - Fri, 04/16/2021 - 10:05

I've been waiting tables to survive, and it's a physically demanding job but I can make really good cash especially on the weekends. I finally got offered a position on my actual career but to take it I would basically have to take a pay cut by not working in the restaurant. I know in the long term it's better to accept the offer but it's hard to give up that extra cash.

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