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Job Interview for Macy's

Jobs News Reddit - Thu, 10/17/2019 - 21:45

I have an interview as a seasonal sales representative at Macy's. I have a Monday through Friday 9 -5 job already, but I need extra income so, I'm taking the step of getting seasonal work, especially because I'm free to work on Holidays. I am looking for about 15 hours a week. I'm wondering what, I should do to prepare. Ideally, this would be a Saturday job with a few hours during the week.

Please let me know I should best approach this interview? Do you think my limited availability will be an issue or how to explain my weaknesses without making me look bad? Also, any specific tips in regards to Macy's would be great!

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jobs in everyday life

Jobs News Reddit - Thu, 10/17/2019 - 21:36

jobs: you need experience to get job
me: i need job to get experience

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Current high school teacher looking for career change.

Jobs News Reddit - Thu, 10/17/2019 - 21:11

Here’s the situation: I’m a (30M) high school music teacher. I’m in my 8th year of teaching. I have an undergraduate degree in music education and a masters degree in educational technology (which is more about the implementation of technology into a school/corporate setting than it is about the tech tools themselves).

I’m burned out. I’m trying to explore what my options are, transitioning to a new career. I know I have a lot of professional skills in the workplace and could be an asset somewhere else. The problem is, I just don’t know where to look and I can’t settle for something that is considered entry-level pay. I make roughly 60k per year now. I would need to find a job that makes close to that amount.

I currently have a LinkedIn and utilize the premium features. So far, no interest from anyone. Any help would be appreciated.

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How do I put on a resume that I created the department.?

Jobs News Reddit - Thu, 10/17/2019 - 20:53

I'm totally stumped. I created our entire DevOps dept and I have no idea how to highlight that on a resume. Any ideas?

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Should I apply for a different job 4 months after working at my first one out of school?

Jobs News Reddit - Thu, 10/17/2019 - 20:40

Hi everyone. I finished school in January and have worked for about 4 months at a nonprofit as my first career related job. I did a double major in operations management and computer science.

I'm working as a data analyst, but our IT guy quit a couple of months after I started. So unofficially, I started doing their role too, with contractors working with me to help ease the burden. I'm still an analyst, officially, but I'm sort of doing both jobs. I get paid $52k/yr with pension, benefits and good vacation. I also really like the people and management. If I were actually in our IT position, it starts at about $58k/yr.

I found a job posting for a better IT position that I might be able to get. It's with government for $72k/yr, and they don't want much experience. I might be able to get it. Is it worth applying, or should I give it more time here?

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Not sure what to even apply for

Jobs News Reddit - Thu, 10/17/2019 - 20:30

I have a bachelor in business and I work part time in retail.

I’ve been browsing and applying on different jobs on indeed, but I haven’t been able to get any. I don’t even know what kind of position I should be applying for with my degree.

The problem is that I have no experience in the field and all the decent jobs require more than 2 years.

What positions should I try to apply for and maybe optimize my curriculum for?

Also quick question, how much should I make in a decent job, all I have ever made has been minimum wage (8$ an hour)

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I am losing my mind in this job search

Jobs News Reddit - Thu, 10/17/2019 - 20:27

I won't give away too many personal details here just out of respect for everyone involved:

I'm a college student at a D1 school in the media arts, with a minor in poly sci. I've been involved with a student group on campus that links up politically engaged students with mentors, internship opportunities, etc. Last year (my junior year) I formed a really great relationship with one of them and developed a mentor/mentee relationship with him. Like I said, I won't give away too many details, but he runs a really cool organization that offers internships for post-grads, and he said he would love to have me there once I graduate. With an election coming up, lots of orgs and campaigns need video work, and I don't think it's too arrogant to say my skills are pretty valuable there. It's not fanciest job out there, but it's a good way to get into the trajectory I want, and I have a foot in the door already, so I felt like I had a pretty solid chance there. My mentor really has hyped me up for it progressively over the past year, so you can see why I felt confident about it.

I graduate in May, so I thought it would be a good move to submit all my stuff early to help secure a spot. They have an ongoing opening for interns, so I figured no time like the present. I submitted everything the way I was told, made an in-depth resume, wrote a specific cover letter, and even included a production resume so they could see the video work I've done so far. (I know this is all industry standard, so I don't mean to pat myself on the back, but I did feel like I had my stuff together.) I felt my materials were the best I could make them with the time being, and I was on my merry way.

Many, many weeks have gone by, and I still haven't heard anything back. I sent a follow-up last week and still haven't heard anything back. Additionally, my mentor, who I talk with pretty frequently, has basically gone MIA and I haven't heard anything from him in about a month. I began to panic around the two week mark, as this is super unusual for everyone involved. I've been furiously applying to other jobs and internships more directly in entertainment for weeks as a back-up, but I haven't heard from any of those either. All of this combined is driving me bonkers.

Is there any reason it's taking so long, aside from maybe the obvious? I know I'm not exactly gifted with patience, but it feels really odd that a small organization that is so desperate for interns in 2020 is struggling to get back to me, especially since their CEO all but said it was guaranteed. And it is really weird that he cut off contact completely with me after I submitted my stuff. It's also driving me crazy that I haven't heard from anyone else. Am I overreacting?

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Boss assigned me a job to do, found out coworker did it instead. How to bring this up?

Jobs News Reddit - Thu, 10/17/2019 - 19:48

Going to try to keep this vague.

I am a new member on my team. My boss assigned me a task to do for a project we're working on, and she wanted me to coordinate with one of my more senior coworkers to get it done.

I found out that rather than work with me on the task, my coworker went ahead and did all the work on their own. This is a problem because a) my boss assigned me to do this task so I could gain experience in doing said task because it's part of my job and b) my boss will assume that I did, in fact, do it.

I don't believe my coworker had any bad intentions in doing the work herself - she probably just figured it would be quicker. But I lost out on a learning opportunity as a result.

Here's my question: do I mention to my boss that my coworker decided to do all the work without informing me? I don't want to not say anything and then it comes out that I didn't do the work. Or would it be better to talk to my coworker?

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Verbal Offer Differs from Official Offer - Employment status

Jobs News Reddit - Thu, 10/17/2019 - 19:30

Hi everyone!

I recently verbally accepted a job offer for a position as a Project Manager for $45k with exempt status. The job is 9-6 M-F with paid vacation, sick days, and holidays, and health. I have written confirmation between me and the recruiter and a start date.

However, when I received the written offer yesterday, the recruiter told me the company had consulted their lawyer, and "confirmed that the position will need to be Non-Exempt." (her exact words). The proposed offer is now non-exempt, with the same benefits, but at a rate of 17.50/hr, amounting to a base salary of ~$36k before adjustment. The $45k is expected to be accrued through 1.5hr/day of overtime pay (~$26/hr) in addition to the 40 hours I'm working.

I should also mention that, in accepting this offer, I have been preparing to uproot my life as I know it and relocate, which they're not offering assistance with. I'm very concerned about making rent and living in a safe, stable environment, as well as getting my money's worth for doing so.

I'm thinking I'm getting lowballed here, but I'm not sure what I should say. Should I push back (gently) and ask for either the exempt status or a higher hourly rate? Advice is much appreciated.

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Tips on applying for jobs out of state

Jobs News Reddit - Thu, 10/17/2019 - 19:12

So I currently have a B.S. in Bioinformatics working in Virginia in a Pharmaceutical/Biotech industry (1 year). For the past 4 months I’ve been thinking about applying to jobs in a big city (Denver preferably). Do employers tend to avoid out of state applicants? If so is there anything I can do to avoid this? How far ahead is too far to apply for a job posting? I’ve been saying in my application that I hope to get a job by Jan 2020. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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How to prepare for leaving a toxic company with toxic bosses?

Jobs News Reddit - Thu, 10/17/2019 - 18:31

I work for a small (less than 20 people) it consulting company. I've been working here for nearly 4 years. Things have been great at the beginning. But bad internal politics made the company very unbearable; every other manager is toxic. Over the course of four years, 4/6 of my managers were unbearable. Many people quit because of the stress. And some people are unjustly fired. The work environment is so bad, that I've seen grown men crying before. It's only getting worse and now's my turn to leave. When it comes to actual work, all my past work evaluations have been positive. Despite, positive work evaluations, senior management hates me and would like to get rid of me. Everyday it's verbal abuse, belittling, and an unpleasant attitude. I've applied to a few jobs so far, i have a few interviews coming up and I'm confident I can get another job pretty soon. I really don't want to burn any bridges, but it may be inevitable in the end. I know someone they fired after that person handed in their resignation. What are some things I can do to ensure a smooth transition to my next job? Also, could there be any issues during the background check for my next job, or am I overthinking this? Obviously, the company won't say positive things about me because they don't like me.

Thanks in advance. Any input is appreciated.

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What to respond if boss asks you for group lunch?

Jobs News Reddit - Thu, 10/17/2019 - 18:30

Hi. I just started a new Job, I am a oerson who needs time to open up for people, my english is not perfect too. My boss send me a message today - "How about tomorrow we leave our lunches home and head over to Fridays around 12:00 tomorrow the five of us?"

What would be a good response to that?

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questions about USPS hiring proccess (NJ)

Jobs News Reddit - Thu, 10/17/2019 - 18:04

so today i accepted a job offer via email from the usps i accepted because im desperate for a job but im confuaed someone told me there is an exam i have to take before they officially hire me is that true and if so what aort of exam is it becausw i am highly interested in the position i need help asap my son was just born 2 months ago and i was just laid off thanks.

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Interviewees asked for references, is that a good sign?

Jobs News Reddit - Thu, 10/17/2019 - 17:40

Edit: Interviewers* Did an interview tuesday for an office job, sent thank you letter and then the next morning I get asked for two references. Gave the references but is that a good sign meaning I might get an offer or I should not put my hopes up?

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Today I got told I was "doing a lot better since a year ago."

Career Feed Reddit - Thu, 10/17/2019 - 16:55

Had a semi update on a "bad performance" review I got from one year ago.

I left the meeting kind of laughing in my head because of the situation. I walked into a department that had high turnover and in July 2018 I gave up. I started vaping pot on the job. I stopped speaking up in meetings. When asked how things were going, I just said "great."

I started in Nov 2017 and would say that my work was identical from Nov - July. It was just in July I accepted the department for what it was (pretty shitty management, but nothing you can do).

Let's just say I am confused. Its not like I was busting my ass. I strongly felt the reason I got a bad performance review was because I spoke up about things and challenged authority. It wasn't even a bad performance review, I got dinged on having a "bad culture." The work portion was rated as fine.

How the F am I having a better culture now? I vape pot at work almost constantly. We get one work from home day a week and I exploit the heck out of that. If I have nothing urgent to be done that day, lets just say I'm doing more personal stuff than work. Yet I guess its true. From their point of view I'm doing the same work, but complaining less. Look, I'm not the poster child for hard work and I get that some people get offended by that. But my point is I agree with you, this shouldn't work! I feel like Seinfeld on the opposite day show.

FWIW a major reason people were quitting was they were being really petty about vacation days. They had their own vacation policy separate from the bank that was basically "we will only let you take vacation when we feel like you earned it."

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I put in my two weeks on Monday, boss freaked out on me, what to do?

Jobs News Reddit - Thu, 10/17/2019 - 16:53

Hello all,

I put in my two weeks Monday. I was flexible since I don't have anything lined up but it was an awful place that I couldn't continue. After delays, I finally got to meet with my bosses/business owners today. One of them freaked out and wasn't professional (to put it mildly) but the other would like me to wrap things up but understands as he was shocked too at what was said. The one towered over me and basically said he didn't want to #$%@ see me ever again as he stomped out. The other told me to take the rest of the day off. What is the protocol? Do I still show up? I would like to finish things up for clients and get paid, how?

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How to write a cover letter for a position I had previously interviewed for?

Jobs News Reddit - Thu, 10/17/2019 - 16:31

Title says it all. My previous experience interviewing with the company was positive overall, or at least from my perspective. I made it to the final rounds, but they went with the other candidate.

I'm planning on acknowledging my previous interviews in my cover letter. It would've come up anyway. However, I'm not sure what to include in my cover letter. Do I just reintroduce myself?

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Should I mention that I'm well versed with Google's software products like their versions of Microsoft Office?

Jobs News Reddit - Thu, 10/17/2019 - 16:10

I'm current;y putting together a resume and wondered if I should include a proficiency with Google products or if this would look stupid.

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Laid off from my first job out of college that I loved. The job market for those with a Marketing degree is a mess

Jobs News Reddit - Thu, 10/17/2019 - 14:33


I can't believe this is happening already but im being laid off from my job and my last day is on the 1st.

I moved to the Seattle area immediately out of college to be with my BF. I got really lucky and found a great Marketing job roughly 2 weeks after moving here and have been working here for about 1 year and 6 months. I come in at 8:30 and leave around 3 to 3:30PM. We work from home every friday and I can work remotely pretty much whenever I needed. The office is dog-friendly and even offer pet insurance.

My boss genuinely cared about me and my professional development. We had frequent check-ins about my progress, what I want to learn, where I wanna be in a year or 2, what am i struggling at etc. they paid for me to get training in InDesign - something I lacked but its absolutely needed in any marketing job (something no one tells you in your college marketing course).

I got really lucky finding this job so fast after college. Working for a place that actually cares about your professional development and growth, with a great work/life balance is becoming increasingly rare, especially for someone just out of college.

But...the company is downsizing, and I and one other are being laid off - and now I'm being thrown into one of the most competitive and underpaid job markets in the area.

Let me tell you a bit about the Marketing job market here in Seattle - and I'm sure this isn't entirely exclusive to just marketing so some of you may be able to relate.

Finding a decent Marketing position here in Seattle is insanely difficult. You have to sift through hundreds and hundreds of BS ""marketing"" jobs that are really just sales positions where you stand at a table selling Hello Fresh at the local Costco. This is about 90% of marketing job listings.

Now, if you do actually find a Marketing position from an actual company, chances are the requirements look something like this for an entry-level job.

Minimum 3-5 years of experience in marketing

  • Must be proficient in every Adobe creative cloud program

  • copywriting experience

  • Experience building and designing email marketing campaigns

  • Must know HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc.

  • Years of experience with programs like salesforce, marketo, hubspot, mailchimp etc. or some mix of those because certain companies use one.

  • Photography experience

  • Video editing experience

  • Social media management experience required (not really a big deal)

  • A certificate + experience in Google adwords and other analytical programs

  • An extensive portfolio is required

  • And it just keeps going

Mind you, this is for an entry-level job and I see it everywhere here. They expect you to be experienced in every aspect of the marketing lifecycle from paid search and SEO/SEM, to graphic design and video editing. Completely different skillsets for completely different types of jobs that are difficult and take time to learn, but these positions always somehow happen to be a 'role that wears many hats'.

On top of all this, and the pay is almost always awful. I was surprised when I got offered $50K at this job, especially when I was lacking some experience. Because you can apply to a job here in Seattle with the requirements above and then have the balls to offer you <$45K.

Now im desperate to find anything before our lease is up in February.

Wish me luck - any advice is appreciated

TL;DR: Got laid off from my first job out of college that had great benefits, work/life balance, and a manager who cared, to now trying to find just any Marketing job. A job market that is filled with fake "marketing" jobs, or requires an obscene list of requirements for entry level.

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Lay-Off Nightmare is Preventing Me from Starting New Job

Jobs News Reddit - Thu, 10/17/2019 - 14:19

Hi guys. I'm posting here as sort of a last ditch effort for advice.

In July I accepted a Dean of Students position at a public charter school. The leadership was all brand new. It started out really positive-- I got along well with the new principal and the management, and I was encouraged in my abilities. Being an admin position, I started right away in July before the teachers arrived. I helped with the hiring process for several positions and even began organizing programs for the upcoming school year.

When the teachers arrived, things began to change. Several of them took a rather immediate disliking to me (probably due to me being on the younger side) and would ridicule and harass me daily. To illustrate, at one point a teacher told me that I was not welcome there and I would not be interacting with the students in her class under any circumstances. I brought these concerns to the principal immediately, but he brushed them off. In hindsight, I should have seen the red flags then and left but of course I didn't.

Eventually, it seemed to me that the teachers managed to convince the principal that I was not to be trusted (he had a hard time with conflict and confrontation and I assume it was easier to be against the one person-- me-- than to confront the many) and he eventually told me I was not to work with the students or communicate with the parents at all, and that I was just to observe. To be clear, I hadn't changed anything to cause this sudden shift. I am a professional educator who has experience both in and out of the classroom. I was quickly ostracized by much of the staff, even having to give up my office to work from the hallway. (Again, I know. Hindsight is 20/20).

Finally, at the end of September I was called into his office at the end of the day and told that due to budget cuts I was being laid off and that this would be my last day. I had 30 minutes to clean out my desk and supplies. I was not allowed to notify the friends I had made among the staff and was monitored the entire time I packed my things.

I picked myself up and applied and started interviewing for jobs almost immediately. I accepted a position at a public school about a week and a half after being "laid-off." I completed the paperwork and met with HR, and they informed me that the only thing they were waiting on was for my previous employer to send over the results from the fingerprinting I did before starting work there. This was over a week ago. I check in almost daily with HR and continually get the response that they have yet to receive them despite making calls to the school and the principal saying that he will send them over. I can go get them reprinted but it's at least $100 to do so, which is more than I have just laying around.

Should I just go get them reprinted and spend the 100 bucks? Or is there another option here that I'm missing?

Thanks for reading all of that!

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