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Changing job and a few questions related to the new work-environment

Jobs News Reddit - Tue, 09/29/2020 - 05:54

Hello everyone :)

I'll soon start my new job and really don't have anyone to ask for unbiased/objective advice. I'm living in EU but not in my home country and I'm 25 years old (both in EU but different languages - sorry for my bad English)

As a person I'm mostly extroverted and really up to learning new things. But sometimes I'm too extroverted or too transparent and I want to have a better control over it. So because of that and a few questions about new work environment I need your help to show myself in the best light and to keep that as a habit.

  • As I'm starting the very next day after my last day on an old job (I worked for 2 years there) I want to keep my emotions calm and not think about negativ aspects of old employer. Staying focused on positiv aspects of having a possibility to start in new better environment is my main goal. How can I forget old and switch fast to the new things?
  • What to tell to my new coworkers why I left my old company? (I want to say it in a professional indifferent way...don't want to mention that old company was the intolerant, disrespectfull and absolute shithole)
  • Am I obligated to tell my soon to be ex-coworkers where I'm going because at this point they are putting pressure on me everyday? (probably order of management)
  • How to handle meeting new co-workers under this Corona conditions - and not make it awkward? (no handshakes, social-distance etc.?)
  • I am buying in a few months a new car also. (doing about 30k-40k miles a year and my car is right now about +18years old and I need something reliable) - old working environment would be really judgy, I don't wanna something extraordinary but mid-size SUV 2017./2018. for about $22k). Would I attract to much attention with a new car (after only a month there) and how to avoid that? (daily commute is about 80km and a new car is in every aspect a need. I also don't like to speak about my finance status or trying to justify my decision to co-workers)
  • What to do to leave best first impression on my first day (and how to hold it in a long run).

P.S. If you have any other cool tips to leave a good impressions in a first days, you are very welcome to share your opinion here :)

P.S. My opinion here are based on experience with current employer. I didn't see a lot of different working-environments so I need a few wise words from you experts!

TLDR; Changing company, what should I know/do to keep things professional and to stay optimistic/happy in a long run?

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best place to learn excel

Jobs News Reddit - Tue, 09/29/2020 - 05:49

I noticed a lot of jobs required excel ... looking to learn but don't know what is the best place

I seen some videos on YouTube but not sure if they are accurate and up to date

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UI Designer here ! Need opportunity to prove myself.

Jobs News Reddit - Tue, 09/29/2020 - 05:47

I started as a graphic designer 1 yr ago and now a ui designer, I find it so simple yet valuable and deep. My current position is literally ui/ux designer and I design banners for ads, which isn't helping much with my career or portfolio as I can't invest my time on what I love. Salary is only 200$ btw so no good if you have to feed 2 others. So if anyone could help me with carrer tips or even job opportunity I would be blessed. Thank you.

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Don’t know what job to take

Jobs News Reddit - Tue, 09/29/2020 - 05:42

I recently got a job as a mortgage closer making $45k and right now I currently work as a paralegal making $45k. I’m 28 and plan on getting my masters in CS so I don’t plan anything on staying in either of these careers.

The company where I work as a paralegal is nice and all but it’s in a very high cost of living area. $45k will not cut it unless I live further away. Additionally, my boss is somewhat of a odd person. He just makes me do his dirty work. On top of that, I’m just not super crazy about the job- I’ve been trying to get out of here.

The mortgage closer job is also fishy. They posted a job for a paralegal position but in the interview they said it’s for the mortgage closer position. They have a lower cost of living though. But I just don’t exactly what my job would entail..? I also feel as if this place may be toxic. On the phone the HR lady told me a group of people walked out on her that day. That raised alarms to me.

I’m iffy about the new offer but I’m also over my current company. Idk how they expect me to live in a high CoL area for only $45k.

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Employer has me on the books as a higher position , but pays me the lower one?

Jobs News Reddit - Tue, 09/29/2020 - 05:05

Hi All,
I've been working for a construction company for 6 months and this company has me on the books and my labor contract as a lower assistant position. I also get paid the assistant salary. My email signature also has this position.
However, on my badge and during meetings with other companies I am referred to as a senior position, which is even higher than the one of the highest colleague in our team (Purchasing). I do not understand why they're doing this. We are all hired by another company on this project that provides the human resources and I feel as if someone's pocketing the cash for this senior role while offloading the workload to 2 other people on less-paid roles.

What are your thoughts?

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Rejecting a job offer with no assurances of finding another

Jobs News Reddit - Tue, 09/29/2020 - 04:37

For the last couple months I've been on furlough and was told last week that once the furlough scheme ends next month, I will no longer have a job to go back to. After telling a friend and former boss this, he told me about a job going at his company (and my former company) which he thinks I'd be great at. The role wouldn't be in the same department as my friend nor is it in the same department as my previous job there (previously worked in sales and this would be running the local distribution centre) but the role would have a direct impact on my friends job as I would be in charge of their distribution.

After a chat with the area manager yesterday, I'm 99% sure I'm to be offered the job today. And quite frankly I don't know what to do if that happens. I left the company nearly 3 years ago as I wanted a change and the company were never going to offer a chance at progression. If I go back there, I'd definitely have more responsibility than before, a title (supervisor), a better wage and a guaranteed job past next month, but it would still be with a company that I never really wanted to work for again. There also wouldn't be any progression opportunity past the supervisor role and the wage wouldn't be good enough to settle down as a career. Lastly, it isn't a job I'd necessarily be excited about at all, although one I know I could and wouldn't be particularly difficult.

The reason I'm unsure if I should accept is that I have applied for another job which would give me a lot of options for progression. This other role pays slightly better with less hours, is closer to home, offers flexi time and home working and always has internal opportunities. It is also a government job so great pension. Unfortunately, I don't find out if I've been shortlisted for an interview until around 12th October, with the interviews being on the 19th. The job wouldn't start until January.

I wouldn't want to accept the former job and continue to work towards the latter because I don't want to have to ask for time off during training for interviews and I also don't want to make my friends life difficult by leaving him without assistance or a trained supervisor during their busiest period. However there's no guarantee I will get an interview for the second job, let alone the job itself - I will note that I'm fairly confident of getting an interview and I know they are looking to hire 16 new people so would be somewhat confident of getting the job.

I feel like I'm not in a position to turn down a guaranteed job for a potential job when I'm due to lose my job next month, but don't want to mess anyone around and burn bridges by taking an easy paycheck and abandoning ship when needed the most.

Footnote: if I turned the first job down, I would be able to find Xmas temp work to see me through the next couple of months

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Was hired in July, but havent started yet :(

Jobs News Reddit - Tue, 09/29/2020 - 04:32


So I got hired back in July in an up and coming business in my town, and it fits perfectly with my degree and they were very happy to have found me. I had a job offer in the interview, back in July. I accepted. I signed the paper work, I gave them my credentials and police check. Its now nearly October, and I have not started whatsoever. I have asked if they wanted me to be in admin until they finesse my job role more before I start, they said they would and yet they havent. I am in contact with them every other week, not pestering them about starting me but trying to help. They said after my job interview that I would start in 2 weeks and then that 2 weeks has turned into a couple months. I have a job agency help me with job hunting and they have talked to them and are just confused. It first started with Covid restrictions, which understandable, but now I am in a basically Covid free state with relaxed restrictions (my state has 8 active cases and not near my town). So I keep hearing its Covid, its the sizing of the locations, its other stuff. Its very disorganised. My question is, when is being patient TOO PATIENT? Financially I am struggling. Should I be giving them an ultimatum about if I dont start, Ill be looking elsewhere and thank them for considering me? Or is this wait time to start a job actually fine? I dunno if I am being too patient or impatient or what?

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I’m being overworked, covering so many roles and people and am extremely underpaid

Jobs News Reddit - Tue, 09/29/2020 - 04:32

Since lockdown, I am covering for my colleagues who have been made redundant. On the same wage. My job is very high level and full on all the time. I am paid no where near what my boss used to get doing a 1/4 of the work. But I know do all his work, plus mine and covering other departments. Someone in my role should be on 15k plus more than I am, let alone when you factor in the senior roles I am now filling in.

But I have bills to pay, I have savings but not very much as I get paid only just above minimum wage. I’m told by my directors that they value me and would be lost without me but why do they then not pay for me?

Am I crazy to look for new jobs during the current pandemic? My colleagues that were made redundant are struggling to find work and they have that management level experience, so I’m uncertain. I’m so depressed. I’m better off working in a supermarket making £2 an hour less than this. I don’t want this life any more and it’s killing me. Every day I get more and more added to my list. My boss who was on furlough was making more sitting at home than I was working 50hpurs a week doing his work as well as my own

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Boss texted me at 1am asking me to come in tomorrow.

Jobs News Reddit - Tue, 09/29/2020 - 04:22

I work at a fast food joint and I feel it's very inappropriate of my boss to text me at 1am. How do I approach this? She asked me if I could come into work tomorrow normally she would text me during business hours but at 1am? Seems highly inappropriate. What could I say to her to set boundaries?

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Advice and tips greatly appreciated

Jobs News Reddit - Tue, 09/29/2020 - 04:09

So in December the company I work for is having a shut down for 3 weeks, I’ve come to really start disliking the company and people there and want to leave. I figured it would be the perfect time to pack up shop during those 3 weeks, I want to move towns too. I feel like I should start applying for employment nowish so I could move away to a job. How would I ask an employer to start possibly in 3 months time granted the opportunity to work for them? :)

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Forgot to include cover letter in application, how should I go about sending it?

Jobs News Reddit - Tue, 09/29/2020 - 04:09

I applied for a call centre position at my university. They said to email them my resume so I did. I’m looking at the job posting now a week later and they actually required a cover letter as well. What would be the best way to send them my cover letter now?

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Job with four titles

Jobs News Reddit - Tue, 09/29/2020 - 03:49


I am super mentally tired from the Company am working for, i started working there since 1.5 year and we are about 10 employees including our chif executive and my boss.

As title said i am holding 4 titles from being site / security supervisor, investor's/clients services, public relations officer, marketing and sometimes maintenance.

My problem is:

  • My salary is super low even i am carrying the whole Company on my shoulders.

  • Most of my collegues good only in spreading hate and lies, they literally doing nothing especially who is working there for 10+ years.

  • Literally there is no jobs from where i am from especially if you don't know someone with big balls and connections which means the option to quit and find another one is not exist.

I just need an advice, a word or anything that can helps me to get through and find a way out.

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This is stressing me out already...

Jobs News Reddit - Tue, 09/29/2020 - 03:38

I (33,f) got a job today. My agency put me forward for it about a month ago, and have been stressing me out about it ever since, with 3 people from the agency calling me about it every day of the week, because the owner can't make up her mind of who to employ.

I had another phone call from them this morning, after successfully dodging them yesterday, telling me I had an interview at 4pm this afternoon. I let them know what I thought of the constant phone calls and asked them why it's them interacting with the store and not me. I also thought the lady would not be interested since I haven't heard from her in over a month.

It's only a casual job in a small grocery shop, but the owners treat it like it's a full time commitment. I nearly stuffed up my interview when they asked what I would do if I was given a full time job somewhere else, and when I called my job agency afterwards to let them know I was successful, I was just shrugged off.

Then I got blackmailed into thinking that they spend a lot of money for my training if I leave the business anytime soon. Is this honestly the way job searching works these days?

They also keep asking about my degree, which is an arts and communications degree, and think I spend my time at home painting pictures....

I'm glad I'm only casual, because as soon as I get a job in my university field, I'm out of there.

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After two years on the job hunt...I finally started a full time job today.

Jobs News Reddit - Mon, 09/28/2020 - 23:37

I really thought it was never going to happen. Truly.

The job hunt for me was excruciating. I probably applied to over 500 jobs total, had a ton of phone screenings, a lot of interviews, and even quite a few final interviews. I started to just go into every interview expecting to not get the job.

But the stars aligned, and I got a full time job with good pay, benefits, and I work from home.

Just wanted to say this thread helped me cope a LOT with this job hunt. It made me feel a lot less alone, I know how isolating it can feel when you’re job hunting.

I hope this maybe brings someone a little hope.

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I'm scared I'm not good enough

Jobs News Reddit - Mon, 09/28/2020 - 23:01

Hi all! I've worked at McDonald's for 3 years and was promoted to a manager several months ago, and I recently got a $24/hour job at a cabinetmaking business (my first day is on Oct. 2nd). This is a huge step for me, and I feel like I won't be good enough for a total change of pace, and I have to move an hour away from where I've spent the last 10 years, for this new job.

Any advice on how I can make it through this?

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Is there hope for me?

Jobs News Reddit - Mon, 09/28/2020 - 22:31

Hello. 49 years old. I fucked up very bad. I had an affair, got arrested, lost my professional license, and had a negative and damning article written about me. I can no longer do what I have done in the past.. it's ugly. I lost my job, my family, my career, and all my hope.
So what I need to know is what I am facing.
I am educated with a doctorate, a numbers, stats, and research guy. I know that I probably will need to start over in life. I know that I need to continue to get well and strengthen my relationships within my circle. I know I need to own what I did and I do every fucking day of my life. I also know that transitioning to a new career is difficult in general and I'm guessing more complex in my situation. What I don't know is what am I facing. People will Google me see the negatives which I won't defend because I don't want to be seen as someone pushing blame. How will the bad press affect me. I don't know how long I should wait before I enter the job market. There seems to be unwritten rules about people deeming someone else ready after a crisis or scandal. I don't know if it's even worth applying because of this. I want to know if there are there employers who believe in second chances. Surly my skills are of value to someone? How do I find them. Is there a person that can guide me through muddy waters. I get I am down right now and I feel hopeless, but I'm beginning to wonder if my hopelessness is a reality. It will take me years to find work. I'm not skilled enough for menial labor and not good at that type of work and I don't really know how to find jobs as a social science researcher.

I know I'm a bit all over the place. And maybe I am I just don't know what to do. And I'm not looking for someone who will tell me to look up it will get better with time. I am not sure it will. I just want to visit with someone roughly my age who fucked up bad suffered tremendous loss and survived and got back on their feet. I'm a believer in learning from each other. I will sign off with a reiteration. I fucked up. I know it. I own it. I am constantly working on myself and my mental health. I'm in treatment and medicated. I am working hard to keep my family intact and stay strong for my daughters, my ex, and my girl friend.. all of whom are supportive of me and are rooting for my success. I want to overcome my errors and make life livable for me again... If there is hope that I can land down the road.

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How to Handle a Resume Gap Due to COVID

Jobs News Reddit - Mon, 09/28/2020 - 19:18

Hey guys, just wanted to share this great article I found about addressing a resume gap due to loss of employment from COVID. This has definitely been my situation as I was let go from my job early this year, and am still looking for work right now. I thought this article explained a really great way to address the employment gap both for a resume as well as during the interview, and I've actually gotten some positive feedback on it. I hope it helps some of you who have been affected by COVID!

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Recruiter Ghosting?

Jobs News Reddit - Mon, 09/28/2020 - 19:10

So is this the norm now? A corporate recruiter contacts YOU for an interview, promises to get back to you, then when you finally reach out for an update... crickets. Anyone else seeing this?

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Everything is horrible right now

Jobs News Reddit - Mon, 09/28/2020 - 19:02

I feel horrible. I feel like I should have never gotten a bachelors in graphic design and I live in NY where it is SUPER competitive. I managed to get 5 years of experience while I was at school and a bit after I graduated.

I hate my job. I work part time for 2 years as a graphic designer at an engineering firm and I’m 27 and I’ve been applying to jobs like crazy. I must have applied to 300+ jobs and only heard back from 2 that gave me an interview but they did not really go anywhere.

I am trying to move out of NY. I feel like I would have a much better chance getting a job outside of NY. Plus it’s getting a lot more unsafe in the city.

I’ve had my fare shares of prospective employers being assholes to me and not believing me that I did the work in my portfolio. I hate being a designer in NY. My laptop is breaking, everything is falling apart. I really want to move out of my parents house. I hope things get better soon. I’m really depressed right now.

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2020 college grads and the depressed unemployed population, what are you doing and how do you do it?

Jobs News Reddit - Mon, 09/28/2020 - 16:15

I graduated from university this past spring in the U.S. where the pandemic is a mess. I struggle with depression and anxiety and it’s really put me in a slump. I’ve only mustered the energy to apply to 3 jobs since graduating (no luck obviously). My field is somewhat specific, and I’m passionate about it. My anxiety is very bad and what’s holding me back from taking a retail/food service job as I worry about customer service, handling money, handling food, and on top of all that my city is filled with anti-maskers and places here don’t enforce masks so I’m paranoid about working in that type of environment.

I have wanted to email people I’ve come across in my job search in my field that I admire just to ask them about how their work is impacted during this time, how they ended up where they are, etc. But I know folks are busy and stressed. People keep urging me to reach out to folks and say “Hey, I need advice.” The thing is I do not want to admit to professionals in my field that I need advice on how to start a career when depressed.

How do you all get up in the morning and apply to jobs? How do you organize your job search? Are you honest with folks about your mental state?

I feel like the only grad still unemployed. I attended a competitive university and I’m embarrassed of where I am. I don’t know what to do from here.

(I’m in therapy and have a roof over my head, so I am grateful and getting the help I need but would still love to start my life!)

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