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3rd interview ahead. 6 people including myself. 2 free spots. What to do so I stand out positively?

Jobs News Reddit - Fri, 05/07/2021 - 14:41

So as the title says, I am due for an interview next week. The role is a broadcast engineering position, essentially. Myself and the other 5 people are selected to attend (or at least 5 other people were present for the former interview). They are advertising two spots for this role. My chances are, rather good, as I come from a really good background where I was in a higher position and working with a lot of responsibilities that translate directly to the role, as well as practicing all the skills required for the actual job. Of course not sure about the other candidates and their background. It will be the 1st in-person role and, beyond brushing up on the technical skills that I know will be required for the role, what else can I do to stand out and show my interest in the role. I need to smoke those other people, as this is the ideal job for me.

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Made a rookie mistake and asked a prospective employee how much they want to be compensated.

Jobs News Reddit - Fri, 05/07/2021 - 14:14

I own a small contracting company and I'm looking to hire a foreman. I've built a relationship with one and he's looking to exit his business due to personal reasons. I asked if he wanted to work at my company and he's expressed interest in being my foreman. I asked what he expects in terms of compensation and he wants $140,000 + benefits + 2 weeks vacation. Now, as i'm a small business owner, I've budgeted $65,000 + benefits + profit sharing for this role - I think I shot myself in the foot when I didn't tell him my expectations (in terms of salary) and I let him dictate his number.

I'm going to ask him how he came up with that number, but is there anything I should be mindful or careful about when I talk to him? His salary expectations is double of what I expected, how should I talk to him without offending him...thoughts?

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Applied and incredibly nervous

Jobs News Reddit - Fri, 05/07/2021 - 13:57

To preface, I’m a 19 year old full time student. I’ve never really had a job other than spending some hours at a local games and card shop. And now that the world finally seems to be getting back together, I felt that it was a good time to get a job. I applied to this place on Tuesday and I’m already starting to feel like they’ll just ghost me and never respond to my application. My main issue is that this job isn’t something that is demanding in relation to experience or skills. It is a sporting goods store, literally the competitor of Dick’s Sporting Goods. And this place is always hiring, so being rejected from something that’s tearing me apart

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How soon is too soon for a follow-up email?

Jobs News Reddit - Fri, 05/07/2021 - 13:53

Some context:

I recently completed the last round of interviews for a position as a full-time Research Assistant for a company that seems like a really good fit for me. I had my last interview on Tuesday and I thought it went really well. Throughout the interview process, I was having correspondence with a person from HR at the company. She emailed me to set up dates for interviews and such and I emailed her after I completed each step of the process (she emailed back the same day almost every time).

However, after my final interview on Tuesday, I emailed her letting her know that I thought the conversation went well and that I am definitely interested in working for the company, but this time she didn't respond and I haven't heard from her since.

So my question is, should I email her first thing on Monday morning to follow up? And if the answer is yes, what should I say in the email? Should I ask where they are in the process of deciding on a candidate? Or should I just send another email asking if she saw my last email that she didn't respond to?

Thanks in advance.

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In NYS, does anyone know if I would lose my remaining vacation time if I end up quitting during a 2 week notice period? ( Very toxic work environment).

Jobs News Reddit - Fri, 05/07/2021 - 13:42

I plan on giving notice soon and due to the toxic state at work, I am not entirely sure I will be able to stay the full 2 weeks. I have 2 weeks in vacation accrued that must be used by end of calendar year. I was also thinking of taking one of those weeks as part of my last week of notice. Any thoughts if this is the right way to proceed?

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Job offer I got. Packages get delivered to my door. I take picture and put on new shipping label. Take to post to ship. $2800 monthly, expenses reimbursed, $25 a package. 4 weeks paid vacation. It sounds to good to be true.

Jobs News Reddit - Fri, 05/07/2021 - 13:17

It’s a scam. Get help If you see them or get offered the job. Don’t fucking do it. Where does one report scams again?

Should I take this job? I know I’ll eventually try to look inside it. I’m afraid it’ll be guns or drugs. It’s also part time. Also afraid it’s a scam. Edit

I can’t find the company. Get help service, in Delaware. There’s an address and on google maps there is a sign for cargo ex inc at a warehouse.....

It’s shipping internationally from us online stores that don’t do international shipping.

Edit So I found them as a registered company on google. Get help service llc, file 6605191

Edit They only want my drivers license and signature.

Edit they have a website that looks good. But the reviews are stock photos and their domain age is 8 days old.

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Has anyone ever had a rude job interviewer? Rant

Jobs News Reddit - Fri, 05/07/2021 - 11:46

I recently had a job interview and it went worse than I thought it would. I had prepared and gone over all the competencies that were needed for the interview. There were two people interviewing me. The woman interviewing me for the first half was friendly and was asking the questions clearly and to the point etc. but the second person who interviewed me almost felt kind of condescending. I don’t even know how to explain it but I just felt like crying when I was finished. I wouldn’t be surprised if I failed because he really threw me off with his weird attitude. Anyone else have an experience like this? For example he would just cut me off a few seconds into me speaking and ask questions not even remotely related to the competency in question, almost like he was trying to catch me in a lie or something, and then I wouldn’t even be able to finish my answer at all which probably ended up losing me points because he kept chiming in every two seconds and I couldn’t finish my answers. It was honestly like he didn’t want to be there, just constantly looking miserable but maybe I’m misreading the situation. Just feeling horrible now. I hope for other peoples sakes that no one else has had an experience like this but if anyone has I’d also like to hear :( I was already nervous enough before the interview and his weird attitude just made me feel even worse.

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Recent graduate cant find a job

Jobs News Reddit - Fri, 05/07/2021 - 11:43

Hi everyone,

I’ve been applying to jobs in the PR/Social Media field, my degree is in public relations but because i couldnt find a job in that field ive started looking in social media as well, since im trained in that.

I’ve been applying to 50 jobs a week for a month and have only had two interviews from them. From those two interviews i made it close, but no job. I was told as feedback I had a great personality and great conversations, but no job offer. I am feeling discouraged. I have 3 degrees and spent so much time in schooling, working freelance marketing jobs on the side for my resume, paid for a professional resume and its equated to nothing. I feel like a failure and a loser.

Does it get better? Is there anything I can do? Because right now i feel like my degrees and education are useless and im going to end up working at McDonalds.

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It seems like more people hate work than love or don't mind it. How can we change that?

Jobs News Reddit - Fri, 05/07/2021 - 11:27

I read a lot of negative comments on this sub about how much people hate their jobs. It could be that the people who hate their jobs are more likely to speak up, but since so many people don't like their jobs it seems like it's worth addressing.

If you could write your ideal job description what would it be? Would it be fully remote? Would it be partially in an office? What field would you want to work in, ideally?

I'd love to see if there are some common themes for what makes a good job good. Or even a job that you could go to every day and just be okay with. I think the world would be a better place if everyone could go to work, come home and not have a residual negative feeling after work.

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im thinking of quitting my job and finding something new.

Jobs News Reddit - Fri, 05/07/2021 - 11:11

I'm tired of standing in the exact same spot every day 12 hours a day. (i work a rotating shift schedule. one week i work 3 days and the next week i work the days i didn't work last week) I'm sick of the long hours. I'm tired of staying up from 7 pm to 7 am. i was wondering if you guys had any good suggestions for work? i considered doing door dash but i asked in r/doordash and they said it wasn't worth it because there is no benefits and it puts a lot of strain on your car. so i may not do it after all but i liked the idea of doordash however. you get to assign your own hours. and if you feel like stopping for the day for whatever reason you can without consequences. but idk. anyway does anyone have any suggestions? about doordash or whatever job that might be a good fit?

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My old boss called me unprofessional and unethical!!

Jobs News Reddit - Fri, 05/07/2021 - 11:07

Shared a job opportunity at my current job to someone from my old workplace who I thought would be a good fit if they were interested. Nothing else.

Later that day my old employer contacts me and told me that contacting their employees was unprofessional and if I was getting paid to do this, that I should put ethics over money....

I felt that's making a mountain out of an ant hill?? I didn't do more than sharing a post.

I feel that people approach people with new opportunities or look for new opportunities all the time. I'm not bad mouthing anyone or coercing anyone to make any decisions. I can see why my old employer would be upset - ofc course many places would like to retain clients and talents. but was it reasonable for them to send me that message? I think that's just them trying to intimidate me.

Anyone got similar stories? Or advice in handling that situation?

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Unemployed for over a year and I am losing my mind.

Jobs News Reddit - Fri, 05/07/2021 - 11:03

I graduated college last April and since then I've applied to literally hundreds of jobs. I've gotten all the help I could - employment coaches, my college's career center, networking events, I've gotten like 5 different people to look at my resume and they all say it's perfect. I'm doing everything right. Yet still, not a single job I applied to has even called me back.

I'm getting more and more hopeless by the day. It's gotten to a point where even if I see a job I'm interested in, I think "they probably don't want me anyway, so why should I bother applying?" All I want to do is work but nobody will give me a chance. I'm literally sobbing as I type this. I'm seriously considering just giving up completely.

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(Rant) What's even more frustrating than job hunting is that people don't even believe that you're trying

Jobs News Reddit - Fri, 05/07/2021 - 10:54

I graduated in 2020. Like a lot of people, I've applied for easily thousands of jobs and 95% of the time can't even get a rejection letter. I won't go into details because you've heard it all before but I've tried all the tips and tricks and apply to jobs on a daily basis.

My dad calls me into his office today. "I went on ZipRecruiter and typed 'computer science' and look! There's hundreds of jobs out there! You just gotta start applying for them!"

Then he starts opening up individual listings "Look at this one! Entry level! They say they want 3 years of experience but you just gotta apply anyway!" I tell him that yes, I know. I'm on sites like this on a daily basis, looking at these listings, applying to them even when I don't meet the requirements, etc, etc. "I know but you just need to get your foot in the door! You just have to start applying." I AM applying!

But he just keeps showing me more listings. Look at this one, look at this one. "I know you don't want to answer phone calls but you just need experience." I KNOW. I apply to anything remotely related to my degree even if it sounds like something I'd hate. I apply EVERY DAY.

"You just gotta start applying, you just need to get your foot in the door." I'M FUCKING APPLYING. I'M TRYING.

It's hard enough applying to jobs as it is, it's demoralizing and frustrating and I have suicidal thoughts on a regular basis because it just feels pointless but I keep doing it because the only way to get a job is to apply for jobs and hope you win the freaking interview lottery. But it's hard and it makes it even worse when people in your life assume that you're just being lazy and not even trying. How could you possibly have tried and failed? You must not have tried at all.

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Congratulations, you have moved to the first step of our hiring process. But before you are allowed to talk to a person you must complete these math, verbal, spatial, and personality tests.

Jobs News Reddit - Fri, 05/07/2021 - 10:17

Well let me tell you about my personality. This kind of shit pisses me off. I don’t even know the salary range of this job and you want me to spend an hour taking meaningless tests.

They also recommend practicing for three hours before taking the tests and even provided a link to some practice tests and training apps. These resources are not free or even cheap, $79 for the app I think.

I wonder if the company administering these tests is giving them kick backs for this advertisement.

Anyways, maybe I’ll start an onlyfans account or sell beaded coasters on Pinterest or something.

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Is it harder to get a job in a university than in other environments?

Jobs News Reddit - Fri, 05/07/2021 - 10:15

I have a background in international relations with a master's in international higher education and I'm wondering if I should give up on the university route (even though that's what I would like to do) and just go back to non-profit work. Are universities more relationship and connection-based than other environments? I'm not even getting a "read" on my applications weeks and months later.

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Started new job from home over a year ago, still feel isolated from team and not fully able to reach my potential

Jobs News Reddit - Fri, 05/07/2021 - 09:20

Throwaway as main is identifiable.

So I've been in my role since March 2020 fresh out of college and started just as the pandemic began, but to this day I still haven't had the chance to actually go into my workplace or meet any of my coworkers in person. A part of my role involves an industry that can't open where I am, so I have essentially been reduced to an admin secretary which I'm finding really tough as it isn't what my degree focused on at all or what I was originally meant to do.

I feel like after over a year I shouldn't still be getting forgotten about by team members (i.e. forwarded multiple emails as I was forgotten about and should have been cc'd in) and feeling like it's somehow wrong to talk about anything except work with them. Often in meetings at the start there will be a bit of chat for 2 minutes but I never feel I can get involved as its usually about something they'd previously discussed separately or in jokes about times from being in the office that I don't get. Sometimes I feel like the hypothetical desk that things just get dropped on for me to complete and send back without a word (if the work even gets given to me) when my role should be so much more than that. I just feel like the guy that's meant to make the coffee, but nobody remembers me so makes their own.

I'm just wondering if anyone else out there is in a similar position. Nobody I know has started a job during the pandemic and whilst I'm well aware that I'm lucky to have my job, I'm just finding it hard that it feels like my degree was pointless and that I can't talk about how I feel with anyone. I so desperately want to love my job but it feels like there's no end end sight to the way it is just now and that it'll be 2-3 years since I started before I actually get to do the parts that matter to me most. Has anyone else found that starting a new job from home has been really tough?

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Can someone confirm that they got a job from applying online without a single connection and then doing a phone screen and progressing from there?

Jobs News Reddit - Fri, 05/07/2021 - 09:02

Like...I'm losing my mind. Is this even possible? Am I wasting my time? Are these all shams where they already know whom they're going to hire and are just doing it as a formality? This can't be the case but it's starting to feel like it.

I've had like 8 interviews in the past couple months. A few other ones I got but cancelled because i'm a weenie and get so rattled and nauseous from interview stress that I cancelled in a panic because I didn't want the job enough to push through. I know it's terrible to cancel, especially when I'm desperate and need practice, so I'm trying to get past that.

Not an exact count but all but one of the phone screens/interviews stopped after the first one. I had one that I got a second interview for, but the pay was in the low $30,000s...I have a degree, I have student loans, and that's less than I make now, so no. I said bye to them.

I had two video interviews recently. One went really well, and I got a second interview after. I got a second interview the morning after and had it a week later. It's been 10 days since that second interview and I've heard nothing either way. I thought that one went well, too; not as much of a clear slam dunk as the first one, but it seemed ok, at least ok enough to move to the third round, which is like an assessment/case study or something, I think.

The other interview I had on a Friday. I got rejected the following Monday morning. Then he emailed me back saying the role changed slightly and asking if I wanted to interview for the 'new' role again with someone else. I did. It was another video interview, and it was terrible. The guy asked me like 2 questions and then gave the reins to me. It was 15 minutes. I got rejected yesterday, 2 days later. I don't see how I was good enough to reconsider for something else very similar but not good enough to warrant a closer look in at least a second round. I mean, my god. Thanks a lot for doubly rejecting me absurdly quickly.

I cried all day yesterday, not because I wanted that job, because I didn't really, but because I'm somehow not good enough for anything, and I'm tired of doing this. So tired. I also feel extremely pressured because my lease is up in less than 2 months, and I refuse to sign another one in this opportunity-void city. I just can't. I don't know where to go or what to do after this. I can't move without a job, so every interview feels like the most important event of my lifetime.

So I have another interview today. It's yet another phone interview that I got after shooting off a resume to a random finance/insurance company. I want to cancel because I'm just so full of despair and feel like it's stress for nothing...I only got anywhere when I did video interviews to start. I feel like I just can't come off well over the phone. I actively avoid applications that require cover letters because it's a lot of work for seemingly little reward, and I have no energy to do them after being drained at work all day, but I'm starting to feel like it's the way to go, particularly at smaller companies. Might it be different? My boyfriend said he was told those companies tend to be more actively looking to hire, idk. He also keeps saying I should cold email random people whose school I went to and ask them to kind of 'informational interview,' whatever that means. I keep telling him random people don't have any incentive to help a stranger get a job. I'm not sure anymore...maybe I'm not brown-nosing hard enough. I don't know. I have absolutely zero connections. I have nothing.

Has anyone actually gotten a job that started with a phone screen after applying online with ZERO "in" whatsoever? Please enlighten me. I quite literally cannot afford to give up but I'm losing my mind. I'm hopeless. I just get more cynical and less confident every time.

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How Can Grads Decide Which Jobs to Apply For?

Career Feed Reddit - Fri, 05/07/2021 - 07:47

Looking for a resume example to use for entry-level RN jobs? This easy sample resume can Below are the four questions to ask yourself to help determine which jobs to apply for.

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